Francesco Varanini: Short Biography

He worked as an anthropologist in Latin America, than he was manager and entrepreneur in publishing companies.
Lecturer and Senior Consultant in Human Resources and Organization, in the same time he is literary critic and essayist. He teaches Knowledge Management at Università di Pisa, Corso di Laurea in Informatica Umanistica.
Founder and managing editor of Persone & Conoscenze, leading italian review in the Human Resources field; Scientific Director of Assoetica, no profit organization for Business Ethics.
He wrote among other things: Viaggio letterario in America Latina, 1998 (spanish translation: Viaje literario por América Latina, 2000); Romanzi per i manager, 2000; Le parole del manager, 2006; Contro il management, 2010; Projects and Complexity, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), 2012, Macchine per pensare. L’informatica come prosecuzione della filosofia con altri mezzi, 2016.